Pumpkin seeds for worms: how to take and how much?

Today we will talk about how to take pumpkin seeds against worms, what and how much you can add to achieve the maximum effect. Pharmaceutical companies offer many drugs to quickly kill worms. However, almost all synthesized chemicals have a toxic effect on the human body and have many negative side effects.

Commonly available treatments

against pumpkin seed worms

Traditional healers and doctors recommend safe recipes for getting rid of helminths using foods that are rich in bioactive substances that are toxic to parasites. First of all, these are garlic, pumpkin seeds and pineapple.

Let's take a closer look at how to use pumpkin seeds against worms and how many cloves of garlic and pineapple are needed per day to completely cleanse the body. What other foods should be added to the diet to treat and prevent helminth infections.

Many people ask how many pumpkin seeds an adult should eat per day to get rid of worms. I will answer immediately, 100 pieces per day. The seeds must be raw. Divide this norm into 4 parts and eat after finishing the main meal.

To remove parasites from the body, take a teaspoon of castor oil one hour after each dose. The course of treatment is 3 days. But there are other recipes. I advise you to read it.

100% deworming method

The treatment of worms with pumpkin seeds has been successfully used by people since time immemorial, but the most effective way to destroy worms is to eat a salad of a clove of garlic and 30 g of peeled pumpkin seeds (1. 5 tablespoons) a day. in the morning on an empty stomach, 300 g of pineapple (1/4 medium average fruit).

From a medical point of view, the mechanism of cleansing the body of worms with such a unique mixture can be explained simply:

  1. Garlic produces allicin, which has strong antifungal, anthelmintic and antibacterial effects. This natural antibiotic destroys the metabolism of helminths, they crystallize and become non-viable. Dead worms are removed from the intestines even without the use of laxatives.
  2. How does pumpkin seed work against worms? Parasites firmly attach their heads to the walls of the gastrointestinal tract and other vessels and literally suck useful substances out of the cells. Moreover, they can feed not only through the mouth, but also on the surface of the entire body. Pumpkin seeds contain a bioactive amino acid with strong antiparasitic properties - cucurbitin. It breaks the neuromuscular connections of the worms and paralyzes the muscles of the intestinal worm. Immobilized parasites are removed with or without laxatives (for constipation).
  3. Ripe pineapple is rich in proteolytic enzymes: papain and bromelain, which are able to dissolve the structural membranes of the worm, and then the cells of its body are completely broken down by pancreatic enzymes.

The simultaneous consumption of the listed products in the form of a salad, smoothie or cocktail ensures the complete cleansing of the body from helminths for 3 days. However, this drug is quite aggressive for children's stomachs, so the best solution is to use pumpkin seeds mixed with honey and milk against worms.

How to get rid of worms with pumpkin seeds

how to get rid of worms with pumpkin seeds

Do pumpkin seeds help against worms? Yes. During a parasitic infection, helminths not only steal useful substances (vitamins, minerals) from the human body, but also damage the structure of blood vessels and organ cavities.

Worms literally chew through tissue, so you need to eat foods that promote cell regeneration. In addition, during the life process, helminths secrete toxic substances that poison human blood, which means that the body needs to be detoxified.

Pumpkin seeds are the most favorable option for worms, as they contain many bioactive elements that promote the rapid recovery and renewal of body tissues and increase the immune system.

In addition, traditional healers recommend recipes for pumpkin seeds, in which foods that neutralize the poisons produced by parasites play an important role in the regeneration of the body. Let's look at traditional methods that are particularly effective.

Milk and pumpkin seeds

In this recipe, milk casein acts as an antidote to helminthic infection and saturates the body with protein amino acids and vitamin A, which promote cell renewal and regeneration.

  • Mix 250 g (polished glass) of raw, green-shelled pumpkin seeds ground into powder with the same amount of (not boiled) cow's milk in a blender.
  • Eat in the morning on an empty stomach, after 40-60 minutes drink a glass of water.
  • After another hour or so, you should repeat, increasing the amount of water to the maximum you can drink at one time.
  • 2. After 5-3 hours, take a laxative (castor oil can also be used) to quickly remove paralyzed parasites.
  • For children, the norm of taking a milkshake (equal volumes of milk and seeds) is 1/3 cup for children under 5 years of age, 150 ml. - for 12 years.

Pumpkin seeds with milk have a gentle effect on the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract against worms, so the recipe is suitable for pregnant women, children, and the elderly with weakened intestinal function.

Honey and pumpkin seeds

honey and pumpkin seeds against worms

Fresh honey contains more than 300 healing bioactive components that protect the body from pathogenic microorganisms and helminths and have unique properties for the regeneration of damaged human tissues.

Mixed with honey, raw pumpkin seeds for worms activate the process of neutralizing poisons, cleansing from parasites, and replace the beneficial substances stolen from the body by worms.

How should children take pumpkin seeds against worms in a honey composition?

  • In the evening, mix an equal amount of seed powder with green peel and honey (40 g and one and a half tablespoons of each ingredient) until it has the consistency of jam.
  • The child must eat the medicine on an empty stomach for an hour and drink plenty of fluids.
  • One hour after the procedure, have breakfast with liquid porridge.
  • After a break of 3 hours, take one of the laxatives.

For adults, it is more effective to immediately take a honey concentrate consisting of 50 g of honey and 250 g of pumpkin seeds, ground into a powder together with the green peel.

Aqueous anthelmintic tincture of pumpkin seeds

Of course, you can also chew pumpkin seeds in their natural form against worms, but there is a risk that the solid fractions will damage the tooth enamel and the mucous membrane of the gums.

The use of the aqueous concentrate not only protects the tissue structure, but also promotes the rapid absorption of cucurbitin in the body, from the oral cavity to the intestines. How to make a healing infusion?

  • In the morning, dilute 60 g (2 tablespoons) of the powder from the seeds and green peel with warm water until it becomes thick sour cream.
  • Its consumption is recommended on an empty stomach, it can be washed down with milk or water.
  • After 2. 5 hours, take castor oil to loosen the stool, or a solution of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) of 20 g of the product and half a glass of water.
  • For children, saline solution is prepared in the amount of 1 gram of substance for each year of the child's life.

The recipes of the listed healers, which use pumpkin seeds with honey against worms, milk, and water, work more effectively if one or two cloves of garlic are added to the medicinal preparations (as the main means of killing parasites). as well as fresh pineapple, which helps to destroy the protective membrane of the helminth cells.

Why do traditional recipes sometimes not work?

how to use pumpkin seeds correctly

The reason for the survival of helminths is the insufficient number of seeds. Removal of the green peel, which contains a lot of cucurbitin, during cleaning. Boiling medicinal mixtures, which reduces the activity of product components toxic to worms, and other improper interventions during treatment.

Important conditions for increasing the effectiveness of folk remedies against worms made from pumpkin seeds are as follows:

  • mandatory use of laxatives, which promote the rapid removal of paralyzed worms and toxins from the gastrointestinal tract;
  • a day before consuming the anthelmintic preparation and during the treatment process, fatty foods, sweets and alcohol should be avoided. It is better to switch to a simple diet - cabbage soup and porridge;
  • cleanse the body with an enema the next morning and on the 3rd day.

Roasted pumpkin seeds are practically useless against worms.

If someone does not trust the methods of removing intestinal worms with folk remedies, you can buy natural herbal preparations at the pharmacy, which contain pumpkin seeds, herbs and fruits with anti-parasitic properties.

Take them strictly according to the instructions, taking into account the possibility of an allergic reaction to a particular ingredient.

To be healthy!